Four Solar Energy News Stories to Keep Your Eyes Peeled For This Year

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The first solar energy news story was featured in 1979 on 60 Minutes. As the world’s supply of oil began to deplete due to the Iranian Revolution, American citizens started looking for alternative energy sources. Some began to turn to solar energy, arguing that it was a successful alternative and would pay for itself over time. Today, solar energy has become an increasingly popular source of alternative energy. Here are four solar energy news stories to keep your eyes peeled for this year.

In the Netherlands, a new power plant is harvesting energy from the sun by capturing it during the day, storing it for 18 years, and then releasing it when needed. The energy harvested by this system is derived from an organic solar cell based on a nonfullerene acceptor with a low offset of 0.1. It is also highly efficient in electricity production. And unlike traditional solar cells, organic solar cells also have the ability to harvest energy from the environment during the night.

There are many sources of solar energy news, but the SEIA Weekly Array and other industry publications are the best places to start. If you’re a solar professional, subscribe to the SEIA Weekly Array for the latest solar news and information. This e-newsletter is produced bimonthly and includes solar industry news. As you’ll soon discover, the world’s solar market is growing exponentially. The only question that remains is how to make the transition as quickly as possible.

It’s also important to note that the transition to renewable energy will need lots of rural land to install solar arrays. But in order to make the transition to clean energy, we will have to use these new technologies. Moreover, if we want to keep the Earth’s environment as clean as possible, we must make our country’s countryside available to solar energy farms. The news should not come as a shock to us. While the current solar energy news is a mixed bag, there are positive trends to be noted.

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