Solar Energy News – What’s New in Solar Energy?

The Advantages of Renewable Energy

There is no shortage of solar energy news. The recent scorching temperatures across many countries and prominent cities have provided an interesting window into the future of solar energy. In addition, the rising temperature is creating a new set of challenges for solar energy production. In July, we also saw record-breaking temperatures in many cities and countries, which makes solar generation more challenging.

The development of new materials is helping to overcome solar power’s inherent intermittency. Perovskites are a promising class of materials that can be made into solar cells. This new type of solar cell can be printed at scale. This could make perovskites the dominant force in commercial solar cells.

Humans first began harnessing the power of the sun as far back as the 7th century B.C., using materials that were reflected in a mirror. The Romans and Greeks took solar power a step further and used mirrors to light torches. These early torches became known as “burning mirrors.”

Lucille Walker

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